Factors to Consider When Selecting a Dutch Oven

A Dutch oven is a bulky piece of cookware. It is made up of thick walls and a heavy lid which helps to lock in moisture. Many people will choose a big pot because you can put in big cuts of meat. If you consider the size, weight and cost of a Dutch oven, most individuals will purchase only one to put in their kitchen. So, they hope to make a wise selection when looking to buy a Dutch oven because buying another one means additional storage space and high costs. The following are the factors to consider when looking to buy a Dutch oven.

Consider its shape. You might think that all Dutch ovens look similar. But, if you look at it closely, you will realize that others look shorter and wider while some are taller and narrower. For instance, a wider but shallow pot offers you a bigger surface for cooking. Besides that, you can throw in more meat pieces in a shallower pot and you can sear easily compared to a taller one. If the burner is on the small side then a wider base isn’t a good fit for your cooktop. The ideal option for you will be a taller and slender dutch oven. A smaller base will provide you with equal distribution of heat if it is suitable to your burner.

Consider the size of the Dutch oven. You are going to place the Dutch of them inside the oven therefore, you want to be sure that it can fit inside the rack. Aside from the width, you must also put into consideration the height when it has the lid. With a small oven, it could be hard for you to fit a covered Dutch oven inside it. The volume of food you cook will be a determinant factor to the size that you should buy.

Consider its weight. A Dutch oven is bulky cookware equipment. If you have been accustomed to lightweight non-sticky or ceramic cookware, be prepared for a significant difference. Keep in mind that you will have to transfer the pot from the stove to oven and finally to the dinner table. Because of these, you noticed that weight is essential moreover if you don’t have the strength. If you are looking for a lightweight pot, then you can consider buying a stainless steel Dutch oven rather than a cast-iron one.

Think about the interior color. If the interior has a light color, you can easily monitor browning. That is why most people love it compared to a dark-colored cooking surface. A light-colored interior makes it simple for you to spot stains and marks. A dark cooking surface on the flip side does not show any signs of wear and tear and it can maintain its appearance for a long period of use.

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